Which Enchantments should I use on my Sorcerer in Diablo 4? (2024)

In Diablo 4, each class has a special feature that is exclusive to it, and for the Sorcerer, that feature comes in the form of two Enchantment slots, which allow them to turn their active spells into passive ones. When put into an Enchantment slot, each spell behaves in a different way, and the goal of this guide is to let you know which Enchantments are the most powerful or useful, helping you decide what to use.

Let’s talk about how to unlock Enchantments, which ones to use, and which ones to avoid.

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How to unlock Enchantments on your Sorcerer

Once you reach level 15 on your Sorcerer or Sorceress, you’ll get a “white” breadcumb quest leading you to the small quest chain that unlocks this feature. Once you have that quest, go to Nevesk and keep heading southwest — you can track the quest on your journal to help you navigate the map and reach your destination.

There, you should find an NPC called Mordarin, who’ll ask you to retrieve an item called the Forgotten Codex from the Lost Archives dungeon nearby. Note that you do not need to complete the dungeon, only find the codex — but you might want to do it anyway for the extra rewards.

Once you retrieve the Lost Codex, return to Mordarin. There’s a quick sequence where you’ll have to help him perform a ritual and fight a few enemies, and then you’ll unlock your first Enchantment slot. You’ll get your second Enchantment slot once you reach level 30.

Now let’s talk about the Enchantments themselves.

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What are the best Enchantments for Sorcerers in Diablo 4?

A few of the Enchantments are, at least on the current balance levels of the game, better than the rest. You have a few choices, depending on what you want to do.

First and foremost, while leveling, you should pick Fireball.

  • Fireball: When you kill an enemy, it explodes dealing 50% of the damage of your Fireball.

This Enchantment will really help you clear smaller and weaker enemies — especially those that move in packs. As soon as you kill one of them, it explodes, which might finish off other nearby enemies, and trigger a chain reaction. It’s really powerful, and should be taken under all circ*mstances currently.

If you’re simply looking to deal more damage and don’t mind investing a few points into Frozen Orb, it’s a superb choice.

  • Frozen Orb: Any non-Basic spell you cast has a 20% chance to launch a Frozen Orb, which will try to seek out nearby enemies.

Those Orbs will come out pretty often, dishing out AOE damage and helping control enemies — chilling them, and even freezing them sometimes, which is helpful even if you’re not going for Frost spells. 20% is a pretty good trigger chance, better than most other spells that have a chance to activate, and it seeks out nearby enemies, so it rarely misses! This is probably my second favorite enchantment overall — I really like running around with the combo of Fireball and Frozen Orb.

If you’re looking for more survivability — perhaps you’re tackling some challenging content, or delving into PVP — consider Flame Shield.

  • Flame Shield: When you’d take fatal damage, activate Flame Shield instead (once every 120 seconds).

It goes without saying that getting a health shield instead of death can be absolutely invaluable. Remember to chug a potion immediately after you see this activate, though!

If you’re using lots of spells that have cooldowns of their own — such as Conjuration spells, Teleport, Armors, and Ultimates, for instance — you might pick Ice Blades for some nice extra damage.

  • Ice Blades: For every 20 seconds you spend in cooldowns from your other spells, an Ice Blade spawns on an enemy.

Ice Blades seek out enemies automatically, and make them Vulnerable, which lets you deal more damage to them. For Conjuration-based builds, this is an excellent choice.

When you get to the endgame, and have access to more items, you might consider picking Fire Bolt.

  • Fire Bolt: Direct damage from skills applies additional Burning damage over 8 seconds.

There are a lot of items that increase your damage against Burning enemies, as well as passive skills that synergize from that — especially Devouring Blaze, which many Sorcerers take. Therefore, the extra Burning damage can be a big help, no matter what type of Sorcerer you’re playing.

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Which Enchantments should you avoid?

Unfortunately, Enchantments are not that well-balanced among themselves at the moment, and a few of them are currently on the weaker side, so we should talk about them too. These are Enchantments you should skip:

  • Meteor looks powerful, but its chance to drop is only 3% — though it is based on your Lucky Hit stat, so it can be made better if you’re willing to invest into it.
  • Similarly, Ice Armor triggers too rarely to be good, having only a 5% chance to activate once you’re hit. It’s supposed to help you survive things, but in practice, it does very little.
  • Ball Lightning has a 25% chance to trigger whenever you critically hit — but it’s static, and from my experience, can often fail to hit any enemies. Not a good investment.
  • Speaking of poorly aimed skills, Incinerate looks really cool by spawning a serpent every 20 seconds that casts Incinerate — but it seems to do it at random directions, and just like Ball Lightning, rarely ends up hitting anything.

Outside of those weaker ones, most enchantments might have niche uses, so it’s okay to experiment with them and see if you find one you like — for instance, Teleport drastically alters how your basic dodge works, which some players might find useful.

Overall, though, what you end up choosing will depend on your skill choices, your talents, your gear, and other factors, so make sure to refer to this guide at first, but make your own choices later.

Originally posted May 30, 2023. Updated July 18, 2023.

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Which Enchantments should I use on my Sorcerer in Diablo 4? (2024)
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