What is a Zombie Garden? (2024)

It doesn’t involve the undead, but it might just save your life
What is a Zombie Garden? (1)

OK, we admit it. A zombie garden is basically just a vegetable garden. Except…it isn’t.

A standard vegetable, kitchen or market garden is usually big –sometimes very big. A zombie garden, on the other hand, can be as small as a couple of pots of herbs on a windowsill. Because “zombie garden” is the name we invented for a place – any place – where people grow some of their own food, and grow it in a certain kind of way.

What is a Zombie Garden? (2)

Why just some food?

When beginner gardeners start growing food, in an allotment or anywhere else, they often dream of supplying all the food they need from just this one magic spot. But then they find that growing food on your own – or at least doing it well – is labour-intensive and time-consuming. To provide a year’s worth of calories and nutrients for even one person involves an enormous amount of soil preparation, seed-sowing, transplanting, weeding, watering, feeding and harvesting, plus aeons of time spent prepping and storing harvests. It doesn’t leave much room for all the other things you might need or want to do. Such as sleeping and breathing.

Food crops also havewildly different needs. Some like it cool, some like it hot. Some like it wet,some like it dry. And all only provide a crop for a few weeks or months eachyear. No single plot of land can ever have the climate or soil conditions toprovide you with the year-round choice you’ll find in a supermarket. But that shouldn’tstop people from growing some food of their own. Even before the apocalypse.

What is a Zombie Garden? (3)

How to be a zombie gardener

First of all, you really don’t need masses of space to have a zombie garden. It’s more about how you grow, not how much you grow. This approach to gardening concentrates on two things:

  • Planningand planting in a way that extracts the maximum possible nutrition from yourplot.
  • Usingthe minimum of offsite resources to do it.

Doesn’t matter ifyou have acres to play with, or just a window box, you can still plant in a waythat uses your space as efficiently and constantly as possible, following onone nutrient-rich crop with another across the whole year, and never leaving soilbare for any longer than is necessary. Market gardeners do this to earn as muchmoney as possible; organic gardeners do it to keep their soil healthy; a zombiegardener does it to provide as many different nutrients as possible – carbs,protein, vitamins, minerals – quickly, throughout the seasons, and year afteryear.

Meanwhile, reducing your use of off-site resources – things like fuel for garden machinery, or shop-bought compost, fertilizer and seeds – reduces yours costs, both monetary and planetary. But we try not to be starry-eyed about how easy that is. Permaculture gardeners talk a lot about closed-loop gardens, where all the necessaries such as water and plant nutrients constantly cycle through the garden without ever needing replenishing or topping up from elsewhere. This might work for low-output agroforestry systems (we’ll post about these another day), but if you’re aiming to produce loads of calories from a small space it’s never going to happen. Still though: you can always aim to produce, recycle and re-use as much of your own gardening kit, compost, fertilizer and seeds as you can manage. This is something that farmers have known for, well, pretty much ever: minimize the amount of energy you put in, and maximize the amount of nutrients you get out.

What is a Zombie Garden? (4)

Why start a zombie garden?

First, there are provable health benefits. As long as you either eat it or freeze it straight away, nearly all fresh-from-the garden fruit and vegetables will have a higher vitamin content than if it spent days or weeks in transit and sitting in shops[1].

Second, you canmake a zombie garden in even the smallest space: a few pots on a patio or arooftop, a corner of a flower bed. That means growing at least some food is anachievable aim. And achievable aims are what keep us happy – before, during orafter an apocalypse.

Third, if (andthis is important) you grow food that is well adapted to your plot and climate,are careful about what resources you use, and eat as seasonally as possible,you’ll be responsible for less emissions than if you buy the same food afterthey’ve travelled half way round the world.

Fourth, if thezombies do rise, it’ll help keep you alive and healthy.

Finally, there’sthis. As we’ve discovered, growing even just a little bit of food engages youwith your environment in one of the most immediate ways possible: it makes you brutallyaware of how dependent humans are on the natural world, and how precarious oursurvival will be if we wreck things like soil, climate or biodiversity. Anation of climate-conscious, small-scale food-producers might be more likely tomake the changes we need to keep our planet viable. And so avoid an apocalypsethat sadly – unlike zombies – really could happen. So we’d say, start a zombiegarden today. It might just save your life.

[1] Maximising the Nutritional Content of Fruit an Vegetables, Diane M Barrett, University of California, Davis http://www.fruitandvegetable.ucdavis.edu/files/197179.pdf

What is a Zombie Garden? (2024)


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In the console versions of Plants vs. Zombies, an "enter cheat code" menu is required. To bring it up in the Xbox Live Arcade version, the player must enter LB, RB, LT, RT. In the PlayStation 3 version, it is L1, R1, L2, R2.

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After completing Level 4-10 for the second time, he can appear in any Mini-game except for Zombiquarium, and a great way to find them is by playing through Survival: Endless, as the high density of zombies means that more attempts of spawning a Zombie Yeti are made and thus your chances of running into him are ...

What is the code for Plants vs. Zombies? ›

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toggles the zombie's call for brains-soundsukhbir
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How to unlock Zen Garden? ›

It is an alternative, non-competitive environment obtained by completing Adventure Mode Level 5-4. If the players wants plants, they can play the game normally or try to get certain numbers of streaks in I, Zombie Endless or Vasebreaker Endless.

What is the cheat code of zombies? ›

Cheat codes
stk9Kill all monsters on the map
stkkKills all monsters withing a radius of 1000 pixels from the character
stgodMakes all skills (except perk) 100 or 200 sequential. also adds 50000 money
15 more rows

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Survival: Endless (also known as Survival: Pool (Endless)) is a Survival Mode level that is set in the Pool which has an unlimited number of flags. It is featured in almost every version of Plants vs. Zombies, along with Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West and Plants vs.

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Giga-gargantuar is the second-strongest zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, after Dr. Zomboss. It is a Gargantuar with red eyes that is only seen in Survival: Endless, Survival: Day (Endless), Survival: Night (Endless), Survival: Fog (Endless), Survival: Roof (Endless), Co-op Endless, and Last Stand Endless (mobile only).

What level does the Yeti zombie appear? ›

Zombies game, Zombie Yeti doesn't appear in the initial playthrough of the game's Adventure Mode campaign; instead Zombie Yeti appears in subsequent replays of the gamemode, always appearing in Level 4-10 but sometimes appearing randomly in other levels and outside the gamemode such as in Survival Mode.

How often does the Yeti spawn? ›

You can also directly teleport to its spawn when a spawn alert appears on the top of the screen or by clicking the boss marker that will appear across the map while facing the boss area. The Yeti respawns every AA:00, AA:25, AA:50, BB:15, BB:40, CC:05, CC:30, CC:55, DD:20, DD:45, EE:10 and EE:35... consecutively.

How to cheat plant vs zombies? ›

Enter these codes with your keyboard during gameplay for the desired effect:
  1. future - Futuristic sunglasses for zombies.
  2. mustache - Zombies with mustaches.
  3. pinata - A shower of candy when a zombie dies.
  4. trickedout - Alternate Lawn Mower appearance.
  5. sukhbir - Toggles the zombie's call for brains-sound.
Mar 15, 2017

What is zombie code? ›

Readers would recall that Zombie code refers to portions of computer code that are no longer used or necessary for an application's functionality but remain within the codebase. “Like the fictional undead, zombie code can appear when least expected, causing unforeseen complications.

How to get rainbow stars in pvz gw2? ›

Rainbow Stars may normally be obtained in only two ways. The first, and main, way to earn Rainbow Stars is to enter the Mystery Portal inside the Town Hall, and complete events inside it. Doing this will give the player between 3 (by losing) to 5 (by winning) Rainbow Stars.

What does chocolate do in Plants vs. Zombies? ›

Overview. Chocolate can be fed to Zen Garden plants when fully grown and Stinky the Snail. When fed to Stinky, he will move much faster and will not fall asleep until one hour passes. When utilized on plants, chocolate will cause them to drop money at approximately four times the normal rate for five minutes.

What is the last stand PVZ? ›

The zombies... are coming!

Sega's Plants vs. Zombies™ The Last Stand puts the player at the control of a cabinet-mounted Peashooter that fires peas - yes, peas – to stop advancing waves of zombies.

How much do Marigolds sell for PVZ? ›

It's $5,000 to buy one, you get $1,000 once they are fully grown and then selling them gets you $3,000, plus a very small amount of silver and gold coins garnered as the marigold is growing which is offset by the cost of soil.

How do I open cheat engine in Pvz? ›

Choose any game mode with Choose Your Seed and start the game. Go to Cheat Engine, click at the blinking computer icon.

How do you enable cheats on zombies? ›

In the main menu, click the tilde key (~). Then type in "/developer 2" in the console. Load any zombie maps like Shadows of Evil or The Giant and all cheats will be enabled.

What is the cheat code for the zombies map? ›

You will be shown a key-board in the top right of your screen. Type in “DOA” then, press enter. Congrats you have unlocked the arcade mode of zombies. If you would like to activate all the maps, instead of typing DOA type in “3ARC UNLOCK” and press enter.

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