Sorcerer Enchantment Slots Explained | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (2024)

Sorcerer Enchantment Slots Explained | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (1)
Sorcerer's Enchantment slots are unlocked after completing the Legacy of the Magi quest that players unlock at level 15 in Diablo 4 (D4). Read on to learn what Enchantments and Enchantment slots are are, the best Enchantments to use, how to Enchant Skills, a list of all Enchantment effects, and more!

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List of Contents

  • How to Unlock Enchantment Slots
  • How to Use Enchantment Slots
  • Best Enchantment Skills
  • List of All Sorcerer Enchantments
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How to Unlock Enchantment Slots

Complete Legacy of the Magi Quest at Level 15

Sorcerer Enchantment Slots Explained | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (5)

To unlock Enchantments, players need to reach level 15 first to gain access to the Legacy of the Magi quest which needs to be completed to get Enchantments.

After completing the quest players unlock the First Enchantment Slot, while the Second Enchantment Slot is unlocked at level 30.

Legacy of the Magi Quest Guide

How to Use Enchantment Slots

Any Active Skill Can Be Enchanted Except for Ultimate Skills

Sorcerer Enchantment Slots Explained | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (6)

Any skill that has a skill point allotted to it can be placed on the Enchantment slot. Players can receive their bonuses or passive abilities with various activation methods upon doing so. Skill Enhancements and Modifiers carry over to the Enchantment as well.

Even Skills which are not equipped to one of the six keybinds can be Enchanted! So if you have an Enchantment which causes the Skill to proc automatically like Blizzard, the Skill can still be part of your kit even without direct usage.

Note that Ultimate Skills cannot be Enchanted even if players have allotted skill points for them.

Sorcerer Class Guide

Enchantment Activation Methods Vary

Sorcerer Enchantment Slots Explained | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (7)

Each enchanted skill has a unique way of activation that players can see while hovering in the screen menu under the “Enchantment Effect” section of the skill details. These activation methods allow players to cater their Enchantments to their playstyle and benefit their offense or defense.

Best Enchantment Skills

Best Overall Enchantments

Fire Bolt ・Deals extra damage from the burning effect.
・Applies burning damage modifier to activate Devouring Blaze.
Chain Lightning ・An extra cast for every 100 Mana spent improves Resource efficiency.
・Useful in sustained fights and tough encounters.
Arc Lash ・Helps in survivability by inflicting Crowd Control effects to surrounding enemies by stunning them.
・Has great synergy with Shocking Impact to deal even more AoE damage.
Ice Shards ・Automatically casts Ice Shards on Frozen enemies.
・Makes a good combo with Frost Nova for more AoE devastation.

List of All Sorcerer Enchantments

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Basic Core Defensive
Conjuration Mastery Ultimate

Basic Skill Enchantments

Basic Skills
Spark Killing an enemy has a X% chance to form Crackling Energy.
Fire Bolt Direct damage from Skills applies up to an additional X Burning damage over X seconds.
Frost Bolt Direct damage from Skills applies up to X% Chill.
Arc Lash When you use a Cooldown, enemies around you are Stunned for X seconds.

Core Skill Enchantments

Core Skills
Fireball When you kill an enemy, they explode in a Fireball for X% of its damage.
Ice Shards Ice Shards automatically conjure and fly towards Frozen enemies.
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning forms automatically after spending X Mana.
Charged Bolts When you Stun an enemy, there is a 40% chance to release 3 Charged Bolts from them.
Incinerate Every X seconds, a serpent spawns and Incinerates enemies for 8 seconds.
Frozen Orb Whenever you cast a Non-Basic Skill, you have X% chance to launch a Frozen Orb at a Nearby enemy.

Defensive Skill Enchantments

Defensive Skills
Flame Shield Flame Shield automatically activates when you take fatal damage. Can only happen once every X seconds.
Teleport Lucky Hit: Your Conjuration Skills have up to X% chance to unleash a Frost Nova when hitting enemies.
Ice Armor Upon getting hit, you have X% chance to apply Ice Armor.
Frost Nova Evade is replaced with a short range Teleport on a X second Cooldown.

Conjuration Skill Enchantments

Conjuration Skills
Ice Blades For every X seconds in Cooldowns you spend, you spawn an Ice Blades on a random enemy.
Hydra After spending X mana, a 5-headed Hydra spawns for X seconds.
Lightning Spear Absobring Crackling Energy has a X% chance to conjure a Lightning Spear.

Mastery Skill Enchantments

Mastery Skills
Firewall Each time an enemy takes Burning damage, there's a X% chance to spawn 2 Firewalls underneath them for X seconds.
Blizzard Every 15 seconds, a Blizzard forms over you and follows you for X seconds.
Meteor Lucky Hit: Up to a X% chance for a Meteor to fall on enemies.
Ball Lightning Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a X% chance to spawn a static Ball Lightning.

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Sorcerer Enchantment Slots Explained | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (2024)
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