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The Occultist is a very important vendor that can enchant your gear to change the stat rolls, imprint Legendary Aspects onto rare/legendary gear as well as craft Sigils which are required to open Nightmare Dungeons. The ability to imprint Legendary Aspects allows your character to customize their powers and create incredibly powerful gear pieces. Whether you come across an Aspect on a random piece of gear, or farm specific Dungeons to fill out your Codex of Power, the Occultist is more than willing to imprint your gear in exchange for some coin.

Legendary Aspects

Legendary Aspects are special mods you can put onto rare items to turn them legendary. Legendary items that drop in the game also roll an Aspect according to the slot type it is. You can salvage legendary items to upgrade the strength of the matching Aspect in the Codex of Power equal to that of the Aspect salvaged. From here, you can imprint that Aspect on an appropriate piece of gear at the Occultist.

You can also complete specific Dungeons in the world to unlock Aspects for the Codex of Power. These give you a baseline of bonuses to rely on while you wait for better gear to drop. However, when imprinted at the Occultist, they always roll the lowest possible value. Since most legendary effects have a range, you still want to get out there to hunt down better versions of them yourself and can replace your low rolls with the better versions you come across.

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Imprint Aspect

The Occultist can imprint an Aspect from the Codex of Power onto a rare/legendary item for a heavy fee. This turns a previously rare item into legendary along with marking any item as "Imprinted". Imprinted Aspects cannot be traded.

Aspects fall into one of 5 categories, and they can only be imprinted onto specific gear-slots. The categories and slots they can apply to are listed below:

  • Defensive - Shield, Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet
  • Offensive - Amulet, Weapon, Gloves, Ring
  • Resource - Amulet, Ring
  • Utility - Shield, Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet, Gloves, Boots
  • Mobility - Amulet, Boot

Aspects also receive bonuses based on the gear slot you add them to. Amulets increase the power of the Aspect by 50% while 2-Handed weapons gain 100% bonus. To maximize your power, you need to map out your Aspects for each slot as you plan your character to get the best bonuses possible.

Craft Sigils

Sigils are special consumable items that transform Dungeons into Nightmare Dungeons. The Sigil adds 2 "Afflictions" to the Dungeon, 1 positive (like Extra Shrines) and 1 negative (like Blood Blister). Here are some details and crafting costs & requirements:

  • To unlock the ability to Craft Sigils, you must first complete a Nightmare Tier 3 Dungeon.
  • To get your first Tier 1 Sigil, complete Tree of Whispers turn in and get a little bit lucky. If one does not drop, continue to complete Whispers until one does.
  • When you complete a Nightmare Dungeon, you are always awarded 1 Nightmare Dungeon Sigil. Sigils often drop from monsters and chests within a NM Dungeon. The Sigil can be 1 Tier level higher than the Tier of the completed Dungeon.
  • Completing events in NM Dungeons rewards Sigil Dust which is used to craft new Sigils.

Our Dungeon Resource will include everything you need to know!

Salvage Sigils

Salvaging Nightmare Sigils award a small amount of the Sigil's cost back as Sigil Powder. With increasing amounts of Powder awarded for higher level Sigils. If the combination of Affixes on the Sigil would prove too difficult for your character, salvaging is a good way to de-clutter your Sigils tab. For high level play, some Dungeons may be so much more efficient for your build that you end up salvaging all other Sigils.

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Enchanting allows you to re-roll undesirable affixes on your gear, for a chance at good stats. Once a stat has been enchanted, the item becomes account bound if it wasn't already and you can only attempt to re-roll that specific stat in the future. This is a great way to turn a sub-par Legendary item into a GG gear piece because you may have 2 out of 3 decent Affixes, but with enough materials and Gold, you can eventually have 3/3!

You are always given the option of two new stats or to keep the current stat roll. In the latter option, the cost is still paid and the affix is considered enchanted, but you can continue to roll until you find a good option. The materials you use to enchant gear are Angelbreath and Veiled Crystals. Make sure to keep a healthy amount on hand for when that GG item drops as well as Tempering and Masterworking!

Each Class has different lists of Affixes that can roll on pieces of gear, based on the special types of Damage, Damage Reduction, and Skills/Resource specific stats. This allows you to target stats you wouldn't normally get on your Class, by rerolling the item on an alt character. An example is Damage with Two-Handed Slashing Weapons which appears on Chest Armor for Barbarians. This stat also works for a Necromancer using a Two-Handed Sword. But when a class rolls a stat on an item they cannot use, the game generates stats that are available to ANY Class on the item. So you can roll Damage While Berserking (Barbarian) or Damage to Shadow Damage Over Time Affected Enemies (Necromancer) on a Two-Handed Sword.

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  • The Occultist is an incredibly important vendor for progressing your character's power. Imprinting Legendary Aspects adds MASSIVE boosts to your damage and survivability.
  • The Codex of Power gives you access to all Aspects for an early boost of power.
  • Salvaging Legendary Aspects allows you to strengthen the respective Aspect in the Codex of Power and imprint it on the gear slot you want. Aspects fall into different categories that can only be put on certain item types.
  • Sigils can be crafted and salvaged at the Occultist. These open Nightmare Dungeons and add "Afflictions", which add additional difficulty to the content.
  • Enchanting at the Occultist replaces a single affix with another affix that can roll on that item. Once you enchant an affix you can only reroll that stat moving forward and prevents you from trading it.


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Occultist Enchanting & Legendary Aspects Diablo 4 - Maxroll.gg D4 (2024)
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