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Welcome to the Endgame Upgrading and Enchanting page for Diablo 4! This guide will tell you all you need to know about how to upgrade your gear to levels 4 and 5, where to get the materials to do so, what kind of benefits you gain from upgrading your gear, and how to enchant your gear to ensure your character is as strong as possible!

Upgrading your Endgame Gear

Once you complete Act VI and the Epilogue, you probably won't have hit level 100 just yet but you're ready to get geared up to get there. Once you reach level 45 and complete the Capstone Dungeon that unlocks World Tier 3: Nightmare, you'll finally start seeing Sacred Gear in your world drops. Sacred Gear is more powerful gear that has a higher item level, item power, and stats. It's not limited to Legendary pieces either, so you may get Rare Sacred pieces that you can use and Imprint to make even more powerful!


Akin to Sacred Gear also, once you reach World Tier 4: Torment, you'll also get access to Ancestral Gear which, like Sacred Gear, is more powerful than Sacred Gear. However, Sacred Gear and Ancestral Gear can't be fully upgraded like normal gear, it requires a new item: Forgotten Souls.

How to Get Forgotten Souls

Forgotten Souls can only be obtained by a new Endgame Feature called Helltides.

They can be found in multiple ways within the Helltide, but here are the most common ways:

  • Completing Events within the Helltide
  • Killing Elites within the Helltide
  • Opening Tortured Chests within the Helltide
  • Interacting with the Screaming Hell Vein within the Helltide

Check out our page on Helltides to learn more about this endgame world event and how to most efficiently farm it to get as many upgrades and materials as possible!

Once you have a handful of Forgotten Souls, you'll finally be able to Upgrade your gear to level 5. Upgrading Sacred Gear and Ancestral Gear is much the same as normal Rare/Legendary Gear up until the final level.

The cost between base Legendaries, Sacred, and Ancestral gear is all the same, except for a slightly higher gold cost, so feel free to upgrade your best pieces as you pick them up as Forgotten Souls are used for upgrades and enchants.

The cost of upgrading will also cost some other materials, including Iron, Leather, and Veiled Crystals, with the most notable ones being Baleful Fragments, Abstruse Sigils, and Coiling Wards.


These materials are gotten from salvaging Legendary gear from the Blacksmith. With Baleful Fragments being from weapons, Abstruse Sigils being from Accessories and Jewelry, and Coiling Wards being from Armor.

You can also get these items from World Events and Chests, so be sure to do as much content that the game has to offer!

Veiled Crystals, Iron, and Leather are all gotten in abundance from salvaging Rare Gear, so be sure to balance your selling and salvaging to make sure you have enough materials to complete your Endgame upgrading to conquer the demonic hordes!

Enchanting your Endgame Gear

You may have noticed from the Occultist that you had the option to Enchant your gear rather early on-- however, with your gear being upgraded and replaced so frequently at the lower levels, you may have not been dabbling too much into it. However, once you reach World Tier 3 or World Tier 4, and your level growth starts to stagnate, you may be looking for a way to make your pieces feel a little more consistent.

You can Enchant gear as often as you'd like, but you can only replace one of the stats on it and the choices you get to replace the stat is completely random, so be sure to pick a piece of gear that has enough beneficial upgrades to you that you can balance it out. The first upgrade is rather cheap in gold cost, but repeated upgrades may break the bank, so be careful!

You'll notice that it costs Forgotten Souls but also another new material- Fiend Roses.

How to Get Fiend Roses

Much like Forgotten Souls, Fiend Roses are also obtained through the Helltide feature.


Also like Forgotten Souls, they can be found in multiple ways within the Helltide, but here are the most common ways:

  • Completing Events within the Helltide
  • Killing Elites within the Helltide
  • Opening Tortured Chests within the Helltide
  • Picking the rare Fiend Rose plan within the Helltide

Currently Fiend Roses are only used for Enchanting, so be sure to keep yourself strong as you continue through your adventure through Diablo 4!

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