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During my playthrough, the Sorcecer unlocked two enchantment slots after reaching levels 15 and 30. Dragging your skills into these enchantment slots will allow players to get the passive buffs and further empower their skills in Diablo 4. Consequently, players can improve their weaker skills and be helpful in combat.

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Key Takeaways

  • With the Sorcerer Enchantment, players can use skills with enhanced offensive, improved defensive, and strict healing capabilities. The game has two enchantment slots; playerscan unlock them at levels 15 and 30, respectively.
  • Unlocking the first enchantment slot at level 15 requires players to fulfill the Legacy of the Magi quest. However, the second slot will automatically open when players reach level 30.
  • The Legacy of Magi quest tasks players with retrieving the Forgotten Index from the Lost Archives dungeon on command of the Sorcerer Mordarin. Players can access and play this quest immediately after reaching level 15 in the game.

How To Unlock Enchantment Slot

Players can unlock the first enchantment slot once they reach level 15 in Diablo 4. However, the slot will not be unlocked automatically. Players must work hard and complete the Legacy of Magi quest first.

Diablo 4: Sorcerer's Enchantment Slot [Explained] | Gamesual (1)
  • Start by interacting with Sorcerer Mordarin at the start of your quest and take his instructions about retrieving the Forgotten Index from the Lost Archives dungeon. Players can find the sorcerer in the southwest of Nevesak, where the quest starts.
  • Now, start your voyage to the east of your starting point and keep looking for the Halls of Knowledge on your map. As it is impossible to identify the exact location of the Lost Archives on the map, you must roam around the area to locate it.
  • You will probably find it inside the dungeon in a dusty chest. While you could leave immediately after getting the Forgotten Index, we suggest you go through the dungeon to unlock more exciting rewards.
  • Return and give Mordarin the retrieved item. Light up the four braziers and fend off enemies while Mordarin finally concludes his ritual to unlock the first enchantment slot.
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Completing the Legacy of the Magi quest at level 15 will unlock the first enchantment slot only. However, to unlock the second slot, all I had to do was progress my Sorcerer to level 30.

Since this feature is exclusive to the Sorcerer class only, players from this class get a notable advantage over other classes in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Sorcerer's Enchantment Slot [Explained] | Gamesual (3)
  • Enhanced abilities to launch powerful offensives against multiple targets.
  • Improved defensive capabilities to survive destructive attacks.
  • Better availability of resources to fight away groups of enemies while maintaining a positive health bar.
  • Utilize various effects to empower every attack for additional damage.

Let me tell you that these additional perks do not stop here. Players can put their skills into these slots and use enchanted and action-bar skills simultaneously.

Moreover, if you want to buff up an already upgraded skill, I recommend not to be shy and put your upgraded skill here for some additional buffs. Your upgrades will stay on your skill, while you can also get the passive buffs in Diablo 4.

How To Assign Skills To Enchantment Slots

Assigning skills to an enchantment slot is a relatively straightforward and effortless process.

  • While in your gameplay, open the Abilities menu by pressing the A button on your PC. Xbox players can get it from the menu by pressing the RB button.
  • Expand the menu for a broader and more complete view of the skills screen by pressing the red arrow on a PC and Right Stick on an Xbox controller.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see the Skill Assignment option. Click on the tab on your PC or press the left stick on your Xbox controller to open the account.
  • Drag the skill you want to enchant in the enchantment slot on your PC. However, Xbox players can do it by clicking on the skill and confirming the shift from one place to another.

As simple as that, players can now access and utilize these enchanted skills during their gameplay and progress through the storyline even more quickly.

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All Enchantment Slot Effects

Players cannot enchant Ultimate skills in Diablo 4. However, all other skills in the sorcerer class can be enchanted using the enchantment slots in Diablo 4.

Basic Skills

Sr. No.Basic SkillsEnchantment Slot Effects
1.Arch Lash Stuns your enemies for 0.5-1 second when they hit you.
2.Fire BoultIt deals 23% extra fire damage for eight seconds, allowing you to burn your enemies to the ground.
3.Frost BoultDeals 15%-30% extra chill damage to the enemies, allowing you to freeze your enemies.
4.Spark10%-12% chances of casting Crackling energy when defeating an opponent.

Core Skills

Sr. No.Core SkillsEnchantment Slot Effects
1.Chain LightningSpending a hundred Manas creates Chain lightning automatically.
2.Charged BoltsYou will release four charged bolts immediately after getting hit by your opponents. You will get it once every 2.5 attacks made on you.
3.Fire BallDead enemies explode in a fireball shape with only half the perceived damage.
4.Frozen OrbsFrozen Orbs launch on enemies every one of five attacks made with core skills.
5.Ice ShardsInstantly attacks frozen enemies by launching Ice shards.
6.IncinerateA serpent spawns every eighteen seconds and incinerates enemies for eight seconds continuously.

Defensive Skills

Sr. No.Defensive SkillsEnchantment Slot Effects
1.Flame ShieldIt is an excellent defensive mechanism that activates automatically after every two minutes whenever you suffer deadly blows.
2.Frost NovaCritical hits will help you launch a Frost Nova using your Conjuration skills (30% chance)
3.Ice ArmorGetting hit by an opponent will create a buff of Ice armor (5% chance)
4.TeleportReplace your conventional teleport with an efficient one with only a seventeen-second cooldown period.

Conjuration Skills

Sr. No.Conjuration SkillsEnchantment Slot Effects
1.HydraIt is an interesting effect that will release a hydra head from the corpse of a burning enemy. Available for three seconds after spending 300 mana.
2.Ice BladeIce blades spawn on the battlefield after killing an enemy with a twenty-second cooldown. It only has a 10% chance of spawning, though.
3.Lightning BladeA lightning spear will spawn on the battlefield whenever you absorb any crackling energy.

Mastery Skills

Sr. No.Mastery SkillsEnchantment Slot Effects
1.Ball LighteningOne out of four of your landing blows will spawn Ball lightning.
2.BlizzardA blizzard will cover you around the area for four seconds. It spawns every fifteen seconds.
3.FirewallWhen dealing fire damage, you can spawn two firewalls for three seconds beneath your enemies.
4.MeteorA meteor falls on your opponent after you deal fire damage. Only a 3%-5% chance of spawning, though.

My Thoughts

Even though my time with the Sorcecer class was limited, I was surprised to see how versatile this class was. Sorcerers can quickly become masters of battlefields, even from a distance. However, in my opinion, the true potential of this class comes after level 15, once you unlock the Enchantment Slots.

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Diablo 4: Sorcerer's Enchantment Slot [Explained] | Gamesual (2024)
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