Diablo 4 - Sorcerer Enchantment Guide (2024)

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Unlock powerful enchantments as the Sorcerer in Diablo 4.

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The Sorcerer's spells in Diablo 4 make use of different elements. Moreover, the class has a unique mechanic where abilities can provide passive procs. Here's our Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment guide to help you unlock these powerful passive bonuses.

Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment mechanic unlock

The Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment slots are unlocked at levels 15 and 30.

The first slot at level 15 does have a class-specific quest called Sorcerer: Legacy of the Magi. Make sure you're tracking it so that it's marked on your map. Here's the gist:

  • You'll have to return to the southwest of Nevesk. It's basically where you started the campaign.
  • There, you'll meet a Sorcerer named Mordarin, who asks you to retrieve the Forgotten Codex. The item can be found in a nearby dungeon.
  • The dungeon itself has its own reward, though the Forgotten Codex can be looted from marked chest. Clear the dungeon if you want, but you do need to bring the book back to Mordarin.
  • You'll then enter a hut where you have to interact with four braziers. Mordarin will attempt to harness the elements, but he accidentally summons demons instead.
  • After killing the demons, you'll unlock the Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment slot for your level 15 character.

Once you have a Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment slot, you can select any active spell (i.e. non-passive and non-Ultimate) that has at least one rank. This can come from a skill point allocation or, even better, any item that adds a rank as long as you've got it equipped. For instance, if you have a random amulet that grants +1 to Teleport, then it's as though Teleport has been unlocked even though you didn't use a single skill point.

In any case, go to the Abilities panel and click on Skill Assignment. The bottom section is where you can pick a spell that will have an extra effect enabled. These Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment slots offer amazing boons that are quite different from their usual quirks as active skills. Most will even proc regardless of the ability you use to defeat enemies or trigger the effect.

  • Basic Skills:
    • Spark - +12% chance to form Crackling Energy when you kill an enemy.
    • Fire Bolt - Additional 48 burning damage for eight seconds after dealing direct damage.
    • Frost Bolt - +15% chilling effect from direct damage.
    • Arc Lash - Stun enemies for 0.5 seconds after you use a cooldown (i.e., dash).
  • Core Skills
    • Fireball - Enemies you kill explode in a Fireball that does 50% of its damage.
    • Ice Shards - Automatically conjured and fly toward frozen enemies.
    • Chain Lightning - Automatically formed whenever you spend 100 mana.
    • Charged Bolts - 40% chance to release Charged Bolts when you stun an enemy.
    • Incinerate - A serpent will Incinerate enemies every 20 seconds.
    • Frozen Orb - Any non-Basic skill you cast has a 20% chance to launch Frozen Orb.
  • Defensive Skills
    • Flame Shield - Automatically activated whenever you take fatal damage; can only occur once every 120 seconds.
    • Frost Nova - +30% chance to unleash Frost Nova when casting Conjuration skills.
    • Ice Armor - +5% chance to apply Ice Armor whenever you're hit.
    • Teleport - Your evade is replaced by a short-range Teleport with a 17-second cooldown.
  • Conjuration Skills
    • Ice Blades - Every 20 seconds spent in cooldowns will spawn an Ice Blade on a random enemy.
    • Hydra - A five-headed Hydra spawns each time to spend 300 mana.
    • Lightning Spear - +10% chance to create a Lightning Spear whenever you pick up Crackling Energy.
  • Mastery Skills
    • Firewall - +5% chance to spawn two Firewalls underneath an enemy whenever they take burning damage.
    • Blizzard - A Blizzard will form around you every 15 seconds.
    • Meteor - Lucky Hit; +3% chance that a Meteor falls on enemies.
    • Ball Lightning - Lucky Hit; +25% chance to spawn Ball Lightning whenever you land a critical hit.

With only one Diablo 4 Sorcerer Enchantment slot available at level 15, we suggest equipping Fireball. Every single kill you do will cause enemies to explode, which can lead to a chain reaction of explosions due to guaranteed procs.

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Diablo 4 - Sorcerer Enchantment Guide (2024)
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