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The enchantment slot in Diablo 4 is a unique class feature for the Sorcerer that allows players to add special effects to their abilities by attaching them to this slot. In this guide, I discuss how to obtain and use this slot mechanic as well as talk about my own experience using this unique feature.

Key Takeaways

  • The enchantment slot is a unique class feature for the Sorcerer class only that buffs Sorcerer abilities.
  • To get the first slot, reach LvL 15 and complete Legacy Of The Magi, a priority quest.
  • The second slot is achieved at LvL 30.
  • PC players can drag and drop a skill into the enchantment slot, while those with a controller have to select the ability and move their left thumb stick upwards.

Here is my summary table for the enchantment slots for the Sorcerer class:

Basic AbilityCore AbilityDefensive AbilityConjuration AbilityMastery Ability
-Fire Bolt
-Frost Bolt
-Arc Lash
-Fire Ball
-Frozen Orb
-Ice Shards
-Chain Lightning
-Charged Bolts
-Flame Shield
-Frost Nova
-Lightning Spear
-Ice Blades
-Ball Lightning

How To Obtain

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You can have up to 2 enchantment slots throughout the game.

  • To obtain the first one, get to Level 15 and finish Legacy Of The Magi, a priority quest designed only for the Sorcerer class. We highly recommend you watch this video for a visual walkthrough of this quest.
  • For the second slot, simply reach Level 30 to unlock it.

How To Use

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Here is how you can attach your desired skill to the enchantment slot:

For Mouse:

  • Open up your skill tree.
  • Select the Skill Assignment option on the bottom right of your screen.
  • At the bottom, you’ll see enchantments with at least 1 empty slot towards the left.
  • With your mouse, click-drag your skill choice toward it to imbue it with the enchantment effects.

For Controller:

  • Follow the same method mentioned above, except you must select the ability you wish to bind and then push upwards on your left control stick to attach it.

Remember that you can only use permanently unlocked abilities in the enchantment slots. You can also simultaneously use your enchantment abilities without discarding them from the active tab section.

Enchantment Slot Effects

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Below are categorized tables of the Sorcerer skills listed with their upgraded benefits once placed under these slots. The ultimate abilities are the only exception; the rest of the ability categories can be applied to this enchantment feature.

Basic Abilities

Fire BoltDoes a decent amount of burn damage.
Frost BoltChills your enemies.
Arc LashStuns the enemy if you’re attacked.
SparkReleases crackling energy upon eliminating an enemy.

Core Abilities

Fire BallEnemies explode in a fireball after they die, doing AOE damage.
IncinerateSummons a serpent that shoots an incinerating beam.
Frozen OrbCan be launched at the enemy closest to you after you use any non-Basic Ability.
Ice ShardsThe shards are summoned on their own and target frozen enemies.
Chain LightningConsume 100 mana to automatically cast Chain Lightning.
Charged BoltsUnleash charged bolts when you take damage.

Defensive Abilities

TeleportReplaces the Evasion ability.
When inflicted with fatal damage, the Flame Shield is applied instantly on its own.
Ice ArmorWhen an enemy hits you, ice armor activates.
Frost NovaActive Conjuration abilities summon a Frost Nova after you land a critical hit.

Conjuration Abilities

Lightning SpearCan be summoned upon consuming crackling energy.
HydraWhen a burning enemy dies, a hydra head erupts on the corpse for a few seconds.
Ice BladesIce blades are summoned on enemy kills.

Mastery Abilities

FirewallWhen you land direct damage, a Firewall is summoned for a few seconds.
MeteorMeteor can strike down on a foe inflicted with burn damage.
BlizzardIt forms over you every few seconds and follows you around for a few seconds.
Ball LightningBall Lightning forms instead of crackling energy.

How I Used Enchantment Slots

Enchantment slots are perfect for buffing abilities, be they previously useless or already overpowered abilities. After acquiring them for my Sorcerer, I immediately applied my first enchantment to ChainLightning. This allowed me to cast this crowd-controlling ability automatically as long as I had a good amount of mana.

For my second slot, I chose to enchant Flame Shield. Flame Shield is already a pretty strong ability that protects me from incoming enemies. And with the enchantment, it automatically activates whenever my player takes fatal damage. Hence, it kind of gave me a second life. It does have a 120-second cooldown. But it was worth it whenever I took tons of damage.

Let me know in the comments if this guide turned out helpful for you!

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Diablo 4: Enchantment Slot [Full Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (2024)
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